the bench

Address: 424 S. Nevada Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Property Type: Retail
Square Footage: 3,552 Square Feet
Lot Size: 8,740 Square Feet
Year of Construction: 1977
Year of Renovation: 2016

The previous business owner and retired vet of 424 S. Nevada Ave was wanting out of the restaurant business and reached out us to help him sell the building. One of our entities owned the adjoining lot and thought that purchasing this property would be a great addition to their investment portfolio. Our team worked with a local restaurateur that wanted to open a second location in Downtown Colorado Springs.  They were able to get a long-term lease with The Bench, a stylish local sports bar with the successful restaurateur. The owners of The Bench made several improvements to the building prior to opening their second location. The Bench opened their second location on April 28, 2018.