We purchased the former Salvation Army building that is located in Fountain, Colorado. The partnership thought that this particular building was a great opportunity to improve and add value to the growing city of Fountain. The building was vacant and needed improvements. We were up for the challenge of renovating the entire interior and exterior of the building to accommodate future tenants. While the property was still under contract, we were able to locate a tenant that would lease the entire building, Shandy Clinic. Shandy Clinic had been looking for a location in Fountain, Colorado for several months. When they learned that this building was under contract and coming to the market, they jump on the opportunity. Shortly after closing on the property, we were able to negotiate a long-term lease with Shandy Clinic and began working on the development plans for the building. Shandy Clinic took possession of the building in June of 2019 and are planning on opening for business in August of 2019.