Investment Management

Commercial Investment – Part Science – Part Art

How – The Science

In its simplest form, the underlying value of a commercial real estate property is the value of its generated cash stream. In the case of commercial investment properties, that value is created by the property’s active leases. CameronButcher Company has both the experience and capacity to perform a solid financial analysis of an investment. We not only have perspective on past market trends, but also possess insight on current and potential future trends through a posture of constant growth and keen observation.

Our managing broker, Kevin Butcher, is a Certified Commercial Investment Manager (CCIM). All CameronButcher brokers and associates are required to continually expand their knowledge base through continuing education. This education includes CCIM legal courses as well as other real estate courses in order to provide cutting-edge knowledge and premium services to our clients.

Ever developing and armed with the tools of experience, market expertise, and business acumen, our team is fully equipped to serve clients in the science of commercial real estate investment.

Passion – The Art

But it’s not all about the science. After all, no two deals are ever the same. At CameronButcher Company, we appreciate that this business is also intrinsically an art.

We recognize the unique underlying risks and benefits of each property that go beyond simple calculations. To stay fresh and gain outside perspective, our team regularly attends local, national, and international conferences and trade shows. Rather than just rely on the numbers, we are mindful of fluctuating dynamics such as emerging economic, political, and social trends that defy definition yet fundamentally contribute to the stability and long-term potential of each investment.

Likewise, people cannot be regulated to numbers and facts; our team understands the importance of truly advocating for clients and taking the time to learn their stories and unique needs. As part of the art of commercial real estate investment, we are committed to earning each client’s trust and loyalty. We also develop and maintain strong relationships with local community, business, and political leaders.